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Quickly find the perfect love poem for the girl or woman in your life. Sometimes feelings can be hard to put into words, so why not let us do the hard work and find the perfect words for you? Browse our huge collections of free romantic poems for her and find exactly the right thing to say. You can also look at just those love poems which are long, short, beautiful, famous, or sad. Or, click one of the category links below.

Romantic Love Poems For Her

Romantic love poems for herThese are the poems which simply say “I love you”. These poems are perfect for showing how much you love someone, whether you’re saying it for the first time or the thousandth. This poetry is elegant and beautiful, and celebrates the power of love to captivate, delight and surprise.

Marriage Poems For Her

Poems for weddingsThese love poems for her are perfect for a wedding ceremony or speech, or any other occasion that celebrates the commitment and dedication of two people to each other. These classic, graceful poems will create a cultured air for any event. We’ve specially selected poetry which honors people in love spending their lives together. For happy couples who have lasted many years together, we also have a great range of wedding anniversary poems.

Lost Love Poems

Love can often lead to heartache. Sometimes, it seems like that’s all it leads to. These poems lament lost love in all its forms. Just like with people, each poem deals with loss differently. Some are mournful, some are angry, some are full of regret, some are hopeful for the future. But all are sad, and all are splendid.

Goodbye Poems

The hardest part of loving someone is saying goodbye to them. How can you put into words the powerful mixture of emotions you feel when leaving someone you love? These goodbye poems have been chosen to do just that. No matter who you’re saying goodbye to or how long they’ll be away, you’ll find a love poem for her here that deals with what you’re feeling.

How To Choose The Right Love Poem For Her

There are literally millions of poems in the world. Sometimes it can seem a little intimidating to choose the right one. Just because a poem is very famous or highly regarded doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you. But don’t worry! With a little help, choosing the best love poem for her couldn’t be easier!

You’ve taken the right first step by coming to Love Poems For Her. We’ve categorized and tagged our poems to make it as easy as possible for you to find the poetry you need. Whether it’s birthday love poems, valentines love poems… you name it, we’ve got it!

When looking for a poem for a girlfriend, wife or anyone else, it’s important to consider their personality and what they like. A love poem is like a gift for her; it’s the thought that counts! By choosing a poem that matches someone’s character, you show that you know, love and appreciate them.

Most people like rhyming love poems. Poems which rhyme are musical to recite and have a classic, elegant feel. In fact, rhyming is one of the ways most folks recognize a poem in the first place! However, some people, especially people who read a lot of poetry, prefer poems which don’t rhmye (e.g. poetry written in free verse). These kinds of poems can feel more modern or avant-garde, and may be more appropriate for lovers of art and culture.

Choosing a famous poem can be a safe choice, especially for a public event like a wedding. Acclaimed love poems which are adored by thousands will always be appropriate so there’s little risk of embarrassment. On the other hand, for a girlfriend or partner, finding a less well known love poem can feel more personal and intimate, and make it clear that you’ve chosen a love poem just for her.

Tips For Reading Poetry Aloud

How hard can it be to read a love poem? It’s just words on a piece of paper, right?

In fact, a love poem is a lot like a piece of sheet music. All the information is there, but how you perform the piece is completely up to you. The instrument is your voice, and the impression the poem makes is determined by your speech, rhythm, emphasis and so on.

If you plan on reading your love poem to someone, you should definitely practice beforehand. You may like to record yourself or stand in front of a mirror so you can change anything about your performance you don’t like. Make sure you look up how to pronounce any unfamiliar words and practice them so they don’t throw you off.

Speak slowly; if you’re feeling nervous or embarrassed, you’ll start speaking faster without even realizing it. You may want to speed up or slow down with the flow and rhythm of the poem, but practice speaking slowly first to get comfortable.

Most people are taught in school to pause at the end of each line of a poem, but this isn’t always the best way to read love poetry aloud. If a line ends in a period, comma or some other punctuation mark, you should pause normally. But if a line flows directly into the next line (called “enjambment” by poetry nerds), you are free to continue reading naturally without a pause. This can give a poetry performance a more dynamic and natural feel, and make a rendition of a very famous poem feel more modern and interesting. Of course, if you are looking for a more traditional feel, pausing between each line is fine too.

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